Viceroy - Concert Review

Photo Credit: Skyler Greene Photography

For anyone who didn’t make it to Viceroy at Necto in Ann Arbor on February 4th, you really missed out. The DJ, known for his summery dance music, played a great live set making you fully appreciate his tagline, “It’s summertime all the time.”

During our recent interview with Viceroy (click here to read more about him) he mentioned that his concerts are about letting loose and not taking yourself too seriously, and from the beginning of his show it was quite evident that he was all about having a good time. He played a lot of his most popular remixes like Back to Cali by Notorious B.I.G., Carried Away by Passion Pit, and Cheap Sunglasses by RAC. He also remixed Michael Jackson’s Thriller, which I’d never heard before, getting everyone excited. One of my personal favorites from the night was one of his originals While We’re in Love (feat. Ghostbeach). Each song was more fun to listen and dance to than the next. Even though Viceroy kept it light, there were a few drops on his tracks—something he doesn’t do on his recorded songs—and it only added to the hype of his set.

Viceroy was one of the most carefree concerts I’ve ever been to. All I wanted to do was dance and I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t have had a great time at his show. You can try to classify his music within the dance/electronic genre, but it’s almost impossible. He doesn’t sound like any other artists, and in my opinion that’s because his music is unique. Yes, he makes dance music with a solid beat like many electronic musicians, but he adds a serious tropical twist.

Fortunately Viceroy is playing in a number of big cities over the next couple of months—Chicago, New York, Boston, and L.A. just to name a few—so go see him now in these smaller venues while you can. I have a strong feeling that within the next few years he’ll be playing on a stage in front of a massive crowd; the music will remain amazing, but you’ll have less room to dance.

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By Gabi Schwartz