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Today the music industry is as big as ever and continues to grow. Music is also, arguably, more important to the individual than it ever has been. Our electronic devices enable us to never leave home without at least our favorite couple hundred tracks. Take a walk across a school’s campus or through a busy city and it seems that everyone has headphones on. Step inside your friend’s house, a library, or someone’s car and what is the common denominator? Music, we are always listening to music.

But unfortunately the rise of our internet driven culture has led to less appreciation for the artists. We often love a new track as it is posted on various blogs and Facebook walls, but sooner rather than later the song is forgotten and buried deep in the memory of an iPod, to be skipped over every time it comes back up. And with a quick turn around, the artist often loses to the new hit single.

Here at More Than The Melody we feel that is no way to treat our artists and musicians. While they have continued to provide our generation with what we love so much, we have continued to mistreat them. We believe they deserve more respect and appreciation for what they give us. 

When we can fully understand where a band came from we can gain a greater appreciation for them and their music, so we bring to you interviews, artist reviews, and more. Our tour page will also provide tour announcements and dates and hopefully encourage people to go out and see all kinds of shows. And in music news we will provide daily announcements on what is going on in the ever evolving music industry. 

If we can expose you to someone new, provide you with a deeper understanding of an artist you already love, or inform you of a tour you weren't aware of, then we feel we have succeeded. Enjoy reading and keep an eye out for some exciting things down the road.

Benjamin Lowden - Founder/Editor-in-Chief
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