gosh Pith - Interview

Gosh Pith is a Detroit-based duo that you should absolutely become familiar with if you aren’t already. Their current tracks consist of an awesome mixture of fresh beats and blissful synths. Their music videos and personality give off that same, down to earth vibe. Below, I had the opportunity to talk with Gosh Pith about their future, collaboration dreams, influences, and ice cream flavors. Their answers are super exciting, and they’re totally worth reading through. Gosh Pith performs a lot throughout Michigan, but tonight (3/18) they will be at the Blind Pig supporting Craft Spells and The Bilinda Butchers. 


MTTM: Love your merchandise, do slices of citrus mean anything in particular to your group?

The way a plant produces a fruit is a very powerful process, it’s an amazing example of creation and timing and a bit of luck, something matures with the right nutrients and grows until it is ready to produce a fruit. Fruit and citrus have a very psychedelic nature about them…

As kids growing up, what was the music that you were raised on? Any tapes that you remember from childhood? Have any of these become major influences?  

My dad raised me on the psychedelic era (Jimi Hendrix, Moby Grape, King Crimson, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac) and Josh was obsessive over J Dilla, Slum Village, D'Angelo and other boom-bap as a kid. He showed me stuff like Eminem's first single "Infinite," stuff no one really messes with these days. Major influences have been people like Tupac, Julian Casablancas, Mobb Deep, Otis Redding and Josh read a ton of good writers like Bukowski and Burroughs, he’s hip to most everybody worth reading.

How do you two go about writing music for Gosh Pith?

It’s a super collaborative process - one of us starts something, then we pass it off and the other keeps going with it, and they pass it back, etc. Kinda like smoking a joint. Sometimes one of us will smoke the whole thing really quick but usually its a shared experience.

A couple of weeks ago, GP posted an Instagram of Zelooperz [of Detroit’s Bruiser Brigade] rocking the sick, new tie-dye GP hoodie. What’s your relationship like with him? With Bruiser Brigade?

Zelooperz is a very, very creative old soul. We have made some tunes together and we love him. He is not shy about getting into deep existential talks. The bruiser brigade makes great music and they are good people, they put on for Detroit and we admire them dearly.

Over the past year, you two have been on tons of bills throughout Southeastern Michigan, how does the endless support feel? Where is your favorite place to play in Michigan?

We’ve had a ton of fun playing all over Michigan - warehouse shows in Detroit are dope, venues like 3rd Death Star in Ann Arbor are dope. We played a crazy house party in Marquette in the UP, that was really dope too.

What was it like opening for Griz at Grizmas at the Masonic Temple (a notable hometown venue) and then going back to playing super small venues such as Ann Arbor’s The 3rd Death Star a month later?

Grizmas was sweet, Griz is a good friend of ours and we were stoked to be a part of it. It’s cool to be able to connect with people in different ways - at a big theater or a small DIY venue, it’s all good baby.

If GP could collaborate with one alive artist, who would it be and why?

Depends on the song, but Grimes.

Other than yourselves, who are three groups or solo-acts that you think our followers should be listening to?

  1. Jamaican Queens

  2. fthrsn

  3. Kali Uchis

You have four rad tracks posted on your SoundCloud, one is nearing 100k plays (let’s get them all there!) as it should be. What can we expect in the near future from you guys? Any new tracks coming to us soon?

We’re putting out our first EP early this spring, and definitely some new tracks soon. We’re always workin on stuff and we’re excited for people to hear our new stuff.

On an ending note, what makes your show special? Why should we see you live?

The vibes are right as rain and the bass hits pretty hard.

On a funnier note, what are your favorite ice cream flavors?

  1. Blue Moon

  2. Coffee


By Ben Schechter